10.24GHz 超低噪声频率源



Output Frequency10.24 GHz
Warm-up Time to Achieve the Frequency Lock<30 min.
Short-term Frequency Stability (Allan Deviation)
per 1 sec
Frequency Stability in the Temperature Range 0...+50°C±1E-11
 Output Power +10 dBm (+13 dBm typ.)
Output Waveformsinusoidal
Output Impedance50 Ohm
Output VSWR<2:1
Harmonics<-30 dBc
Discrete Spurious Tones<-30 - 20log (Fm) dBc; Fm <500 kHz
  SSB Phase Noise PerformanceFrequency offset FmSSB Phase noiseGuaranteed ValuesTypical Values1 Hz-40 dBc/Hz-50 dBc/Hz10 Hz-50 dBc/Hz-60 dBc/Hz100 Hz-90 dBc/Hz-95 dBc/Hz1 kHz-120 dBc/Hz-125 dBc/Hz10 kHz-150 dBc/Hz-155 dBc/Hz100 kHz-165 dBc/Hz-170 dBc/Hz1 MHz-170 dBc/Hz-175 dBc/Hz
Typical SSB Phase Noise Plot

Power Supply Voltage+12 V
Current Consumption2500 mA (during warm-up)
<1500 mA (after warm-up)
Operating Temperature Range0...+40ºC
DimensionsMilled Aluminum Case 215 mm x 130 mm x 60 mm


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