AXTAL focusses on the Design, Development, Production, Testing and Sales of Frequency Control Products and Piezo Sensors, which includes crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, and complex frequency control modules comprising quartz and other piezoelectric crystal resonators, such as Langasite (LGS) and SAW resonators.
AXTAL's OCXO for Space applications are listed in the ESA EPPL.

AXTAL - unlike the distributors of Frequency Control Products- is capable to do full in-house testing, screening, and qualification testing of crystals, oscillators, and filters, based on recognized IEC, MIL and ESA standards, including environmental testing like temperature shocks, vibration, mechanical shocks etc.. We offer our customers a qualified support to fix issues and to solve problems in their particular application.
Through our sister company AXTAL CONSULTING we are offering a wide range of services for failure analysis, application optimisation, testing, screening and qualification for Frequency Control Products.

AXTAL's genuine product line of crystal oscillators and frequency control modules, which are completely designed and manufactured in Germany, is supplemented by a variety of products, whe we offer from our principals.
Our line card includes (among others)

  • SICCAS - a leading manufacturer of special crystals like Langasite (LGS), Langatate (LGT), CTGS, CNGS, YCOB and many other piezoelectric crystals

  • SCTB ELPA - an experienced expert for piezoelectric sensor elements and modules

  • MagicXtal - a manufacturer of leading-edge miniature OCXO with fast warm-up, very low power consumption and high stability

  • ELECSPN SPACEON - a well-established manufacturer of ultra-stable Atomic Clocks (CPT, Rubidium and Cesium Clocks)

  • KOLINKER Industrial Equipment - a manufacturer of Equipment for the Test and MEasurement of Quartz Crystal Units

AXTAL's Frequency Control Products are primarily designed for the following markets:

  • RF Broadcast systems (Transmitters, Relay stations, Repeaters)

  • Test and Measurement Systems, in particular RF instrumentation

  • RF & Microwave industry including Radar

  • Satellite Communication

  • Airborne applications

  • Marine/Naval applications

  • Military

  • Space

  • Medical Electronics

  • Professional  Audio/Video equipment

  • Telecommunication Infrastruktur (wireless, wireline)

  • Wireless Voice and Data Communication

AXTAL's Piezo sensors are matched for applications such as

  • Automotive and aerospace (engine control of pressure, temperature, viscosity etc.)

  • Downhole (oil drilling) (pressure and temperature sensors)

  • Wireless RFID for rugged environment and for high temperatures

  • Meteorology

  • Miniature temperature sensors for high temperatures

  • Force and pressure sensors

  • Scientific & research applications, e.g. in biotechnology, environmental technologies